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Subscription FAQ

How much does a magazine subscription cost?

Our print publications are provided free to qualified dairy, forage and beef producers, as well as related allied industry professionals living in the United States and Canada. No-cost digital editions and newsletters are also available to those in the United States and Canada, as well as international subscribers.

How often do I need to renew?

In order to be sure that we have your most current contact information, we ask that you update your subscription information every couple of years. For print magazines, on the front cover of each issue (right above your mailing address) you will find your customer ID number. When we need to hear from you, the message 'Time to renew’ will be printed after that number. If you don't update your subscription at that time, the text will then change to read 'This could be your last issue’, and you could be removed from the mail list if you don’t take time to renew. Make sure you don't miss an issue by watching for those messages on your mailing label on the front cover.

Why do I need to renew if the magazine is free?

The most important reason we ask you to renew is to be sure we have all of your current contact information. If you have moved or we have an incorrect address, you may not receive your magazine(s) in a timely manner. In addition, we are required to pay a fee to the post office for each correction returned to us.

In addition, most of our publications are audited in order to ensure advertisers that we are mailing to qualified readers. Since they are the ones that help provide the magazine(s) at no cost to you, they want to get the most return for their dollars spent and will often choose where to place their ads from circulation data that helps them best reach their target audience. By updating your information regularly, we are able to provide that reassurance to them. (Note: We do not share your individual contact information directly to advertisers.)

Why do you ask for a job title, primary occupation and demographic information?

By providing us with your job title, primary occupation, as well as herd size and acreage (if applicable), we are able to know our audience a little better. This not only helps our advertisers make decisions about the best fit for their advertising dollars, but it also helps us know how to tailor our editorial content to the needs of our readers. This information is never provided to anyone outside of our office on an individual basis. Requests for demographic information will only be provided as trends or groups of information, never as private individual information.

Do you share my phone number or email address?

No, we do not. Individual job titles, primary occupation and demographic data information is kept strictly in-house. We value and respect your privacy. A phone number and email address are considered alternate ways to communicate with you about your subscriptions, as needed by our staff.